August Birthday’s

Some things in life are both relentless and inevitable. Eating, drinking, consumerism and aging – to name but a few – spring to mind. It is an inherent characteristic to compare ourselves to others by means of looks and assets and to equate ourselves to others by means of status and significance.

That is probably where most of our fascination and inexorable intrigue for the celebrities and those in the limelight comes from. They are thrown in our faces as figures of faultlessness and we look to them for tips on how to put our best faces forward. Call them role-models or heroes, pinups or even obsessions; they bring forth some level of admiration and esteem.

Whether we personally revere them or not, they are in the spotlight and in this month of August, we look to those that celebrate their origin in the Leo/Virgo sign of birth.

Geri Halliwell: celebrates her birthday on 6 August. This Leo is best known as Ginger Spice from the 90s band, The Spice Girls. Get Geri’s look with stunners like the Extravaganza Earrings and the Posh Bel Aire Pendant.


Cara Delevingne: celebrates her birthday on 12 August. Might be a wet-behind-the-ears 22, but a vastly acclaimed model who has starred in the novel film Anna Karenina. Capture Cara’s class with the Midnight Magic Earrings.


Honor Blackman: celebrates her birthday on 22 August. She is notorious in her role as Pussy Galore alongside Sean Connery as 007 in Goldfinger. Get this legend-in-films look with the sophisticated Royal Choker.

Alexandra Burke: celebrates her birthday on 25 August. This young Virgo won the British singing competition on The X Factor and went on to launch an incredibly successful solo career. Her love for loops can be duplicated with the Glitterati Hoop Earrings.
These shimmering stunners make fabulous and hard-to-top birthday gifts as well. Buy for your bestie or have a ‘happy birthday to you’ and spoil yourself rotten.