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You need no other jewellery when you own these outstanding items. You'll be the envy of all who see them. But, be careful, Tru-Diamonds™ jewellery can be addictive. Fortunately, you can afford all you want at these amazing prices.

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Our exciting Tru Diamond range of bracelets is filled with shining examples of stylish pieces that will add dazzling elegance to the your wrist with an eye-catching statement piece that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg!  

Glam up any outfit with one of our ever popular tennis bracelets, including the Tiffany style Tennis Bracelet,  Emerald cut Tennis Bracelet, Simply Chic Tennis Bracelet, Pink ‘n White Tru Diamond Bracelet, Eternal Bouquet Diamond Alternative Bracelet and many more.

Our stunning collection of bracelets and bangles caters to all tastes – whether you prefer a more delicate design or a more chunky and eye-catching piece our tasteful range will adorn you with something that even the finest of jewellers will admire. They’re perfect for an anniversary, birthday or congratulatory gift.  

At Tru Diamonds our mission is to bring our customers true value-for-money jewellery pieces that are not only a beautiful adornment, but also an ethical alternative to diamond mining which is both damaging to the environment and cursed with a contentious history involving child labour exploitation and the funding of third world conflict.

Tru-Diamonds gems are all ethically produced in state-of-the-art facilities and precision cut to perfect proportions in Switzerland. Our bracelets, like all our jewellery pieces, are individually handcrafted, rather than mass-produced. And you are guaranteed a lifetime of quality with any of our Tru Diamond products through our Tru Diamonds Triple Guarantee.

Tru-Diamonds Unique Triple Guarantee


Enjoy your Tru-Diamonds jewellery for 90 days. Show it off, and if you're not delighted, we'll refund your purchase price.

Lifetime quality guarantee

Tru-Diamonds last a lifetime. We'll replace your stone without question in the event of damage or discolouration.

Lifetime replacement warranty

In the unlikely event that your gemstone comes loose from its mounting and is lost, we'll give you a replacement stone. No need to buy expensive insurance.