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Customer Testimonials

I recently visited my GP for my annual check-up, and while she was taking my blood pressure she noticed my "Budding Solitaire Ring" as it was sparkling in her sunny room.  She thought it was beautiful and asked me if I had a spare booklit, which I did and gave it to her later the day.  My husband and I also went to a wedding in August where I wore the Budding Solitaire Ring and my husband the Le Mans Solitaire Ring on which my nephew commented on how gourgeous they were.


I was having lunch at the local inn one day.  When I went to the bar, the serving lady admired the two diamond rings I was wearing.  Thank you so much for your lovely jewellery. 


This morning I went to my local garage to fill up on diesel and get the paper.  The friendly girl at the till said my emerald and diamond half hoop earrings were "stunning", so I told her about Tru-Diamonds and she is going to look for you on her computer.  I am also regularly complimented on my My Desire Ring.  You recently replaced one of the stones in the ring and I am delighted to have it back looking perfect and repaired for free.  Wonderful service.


On a beautiful summers day in May this year, I wore my new Tru-Diamonds Ring and never thought much about it until two of my colleagues at work saw me sitting on the bench outside and commented on it right away.  One of them said "what a beautiful ring, I bet that was expensive".  I decided that I'll let them into my little secret and told them that it is a Tru-Diamonds ring and that I bought it at such a reasonable price.  They were excited to hear more about your company so I gave them your address and phone number.  I am sure what I said made their day.


We would like to put on record our appreciation of the several pieces of jewellery we have purchased from you over the past 2-3 years. In particular the pieces we have purchased for our daughter and daughter in law, namely bracelet, Earrings and a pendant to name but a few. Our neighbour was so impressed with the pendant that she immediately purchased the same. We have found the pieces purchased to be of amazing quality and are looking to add to these for this coming Christmas.


I was at a ‘do’ with a lot of my husband’s retired police friends when one of them wondered why I took the risk of wearing diamonds like mine in a public place.  He just couldn’t believe it when I told him  that they were fake.  I love wearing tasteful jewellery without the worry.

Keep up the good work!


I was wearing my Aphrodite ring when attending the local hospital for my regular blood test.  The phlebotomist said “WOW!, that’s a real gem of a sparkler”.   I smiled and replied: “Yes, it’s a real Tru-Diamond”.  She looked at me questionally, so I had to explain – “WOW”, again.


I have purchased several items of jewellery this year and have noticed admiring glances when I am ‘out and about’. One of my colleagues at work knows her jewellery and commented several times on their brilliance. I kept her in the dark for a while before I revealed they were from Tru Diamonds. She is going onto the website!


I would like to tell you of how I first heard and saw your beautiful products. About three years ago I met up with one of my old friends who had recently become engaged to a very pleasant young man who unfortunately was unemployed at that time. The young lady was very keen to show off her ring- that was the first thing she did as she was so eager. I did get a shock as instead of a cheap little ring on her left hand ring finger that I was determined to admire - there was a simply fabulous diamond solitaire glittering in the sunlight!

I asked myself, how on earth could her poor boyfriend afford such a treasure?  She of course noted my astonishment and laughed delightedly!  Then she told me the secret, it was one of your eye catching gems!
Since then I have been a regular customer and I am very satisfied with all of my purchases- especially my Starry Night Earrings - my latest acquisition which I never take out as they are so comfortable as well  sparkling!


Last year I went to a jeweller in a market town in North Yorkshire to have my solid gold chain, which I wore around my neck, valued. On the chain I had your Tru Diamonds heart shaped pendant with loose diamonds behind glass. On returning the chain to me she passed comment on the “beautiful diamond pendant” and hoped I had them both adequately insured.

On leaving the shop a lady followed me outside and said how much she too admired the pendant and how lovely it was. I told her it was a Tru Diamonds pendant and that she could find you on your Tru Diamonds web site. She was very pleased with this information and said she would like to buy some for herself and family and would look on your website as soon as she got home.


I ordered the Classic Trilogy Diamond ring which came two days ago, and it looked OK.

I ordered the Charming Twinset Rings which came this morning, and I put them on together, and they looked OK.

I then put one twinset ring on, then added the Classic Trilogy ring, then added the second twinset ring and the result... WOWEE a STUNNING combination... it really is.  Looks like I'm being wooed (or already married) to a multi-millionaire!!!!!!!!

If I calm down for a moment, it really is a LOVELY set together, and thank you for making it possible. Hugs all round.


I would like to commend you on the quality of your products and your excellent service.  My husband has purchased four rings for me, two sets of earrings, and a necklace. All of which, I have been constantly complimented on.  The rings have been purchased over the past three years, worn constantly and are still sparkling as brilliantly as the day they arrived. I am looking forward to my Christmas presents as my husband constantly surprises me.

I have a few Tru-Diamonds™ items - three rings, and a necklace. I really enjoy wearing them - they look fantastic, but I don't feel the fear and vulnerability of storing or wearing tens of thousands of pounds worth of jewellery.

Few people ask if they are real - why would they, I guess, when they look so good? But I have made a point of telling many of my friends that they are in fact Tru-Diamonds™ - not least to encourage them to buy some for themselves! But just once I told a white lie, and mostly because the person who asked was the very last person I thought would be fooled...

I work with a lady who is very lovely, but also very glamorous. She is immaculate to the point of being quite scary to an Average Jo like me! She is slim, impeccably dressed, and she likes her designers. She is not flashy about it, but she carries Prada, wears Tiffany, and shows a flash of red on the soles of her Louboutins... She has lovely clothes and accessories and some cracking jewellery.

Sitting next to her in a meeting one day, she noticed my 2.75 ct. t.w. Queen Victoria ring (my favourite, I think!) and, with an intake of breath, said "Ooh, is that diamond REAL?". I'll be honest - much to my shame, I got quite a thrill from the fact that a colleague with such beautiful and designer things was having a "wow" moment about something I was wearing! So much so that I made a split decision that for once I wasn't going to be my usual honest self, nor even recommend                    Tru-Diamonds™ to her. No, on this occasion I was going to bask in her glamorous admiration: "Oh, yes! Lucky girl, aren't I?"

I know I should feel guilty for telling a white lie. But to be honest, I don't think I do!

Long may the admiration continue, and hopefully of a growing range of items as I add to them over the years.


I would like to share my Tru-Diamonds™ story. My late husband bought me a sapphire ring, which sadly got damaged to a point where it was not possible to repair it so I ordered a similar looking one from you.

It is lovely and it’s made me very happy to know that it is of such lovely quality that my children have said "we are happy to see you wearing dad's present again".

The ring my late husband bought me was real diamonds and sapphire but my family can not tell the difference, in fact they think it is the original ring that I had.  I am so pleased with this ring my friends have commented on the quality and how lovely it is.

 Thank you Tru-Diamonds™ I shall be purchasing again from you.


On my eighteenth birthday, my father gave me a 2-carat diamond ring that had been in my family since 1890. I wore it daily until I was eighty years old, unless I went abroad to places where I felt it might not be safe to wear it. At those times my daughter wore it with strict instructions not to take it off.

A couple of years ago, I thought that it was a shame that a beautiful ring like that was wasted on a wrinkled hand and only seen by the cashiers in Tesco so I gave it to my daughter who at 52 still has many years of pleasure ahead of her, with friends admiring her family heirloom.

I was lonely without it twinkling on my finger after so many years.

Imagine my feelings when on my birthday, I opened a Tru-Diamonds™ box to find a replacement, bought for me by my husband. Another one came at Christmas and yet another one this year. It is time he stopped!!!

On a flight last November, a gentleman commented on the sparkle and I let him into the secret. After the holiday we sent his wife your catalogue.

Thank you for making an old lady very happy.

Last year I had the misfortune to lose a diamond from a treasured real diamond ring. I was disappointed to be told by my insurers that it was not covered by my house insurance. I took it to a jeweller to get a quote on a repair but I could not afford it. I then saw one I really liked in your catalogue and bought it. Some time later a friend noticed it and said your insurance must have paid out well for you to replace your ring with such a lovely one. She was most surprised when I told her how little my ring had cost because it looked so expensive.

I have since bought others from you for my granddaughters.

I now have three Tru-Diamonds™ rings and, having seen the selection of “Stunning Newcomers”, I have earmarked the next one (to go on my Christmas list).  All three of my diamond rings are stunning and the one I wear every day – which has been admired many times - is my eternity ring.  Thank you Tru-Diamonds™ and “here’s to the next one”!

I look forward to receiving my £35 gift voucher - a huge incentive to purchase again.

I am a singing teacher, and one of my adult pupils and I regularly discuss and admire each other’s jewellery. I was wearing my TD Gala Event ring during one of her lessons and the light was making it sparkle. She commented on how beautiful it was -so at first I pretended it was real, and she believed me. I eventually told her it was a Tru-Diamond™ and she said, "Well it looks real "she was very impressed.

I am now trying to decide which one to buy next.

I have bought four rings off you now and I love them all but the one that gets complimented all the time is my 11ct. t.w.  emerald cut trilogy ring. Nobody can believe it when I tell them it's a Tru-Diamond™ I always tell them to go to your website and see for themselves the amazing jewellery you have. There really is no difference between a mined diamond and Tru-Diamonds™ - just the price! I love receiving your catalogue and have already decided my next purchase will be the stunning new pear shaped diamond ring. I just need to decide which finger I want to wear it on!

I had an appointment with a Consultant at a Cambridge hospital.  She was a lovely lady and obviously quite wealthy. As she was typing my details into her computer, I couldn't take my eyes off her sparkling solitaire diamond ring.  I had to comment on how beautiful it was. She told me she was always receiving lovely comments on her ring, but would let me into a secret and told me it was a Tru-Diamonds™ solitaire.  I was amazed it wasn't the real thing and even more amazed when she told me how much it had cost! Unfortunately, by the time I got home, I couldn't remember the name, but was so, so pleased when a few days later, I saw an advert in a magazine, recognised the name and was able to order my own   Tru-Diamonds™ ring, which I totally adore and so does everyone else!

Many thanks for the Jewelry box and cleaner. The earrings are lovely I had not seen them, as they were a gift for me on Christmas day. Thank you.  Best wishes,

Dear Sparklies,  Just to let you know that my ring arrived this morning and it is WONDERFUL!!  Seasons greetings to you all.
Christine - 23 December 2009

Just a word to thank you very much for your excellent service. I ordered the incorrect size but you replaced it by return and I am very grateful.  Best Wishes for a lovely Christmas to you all.
TA - 23 December 2009

Tear Drop Pendant and matching earrings... I have just received these and am quite speechless.  I have owned many beautiful diamonds in my time, sadly with a divorce they all went and I have to say when my mother offered to buy me the pendant I assumed it would be quite pretty but possibly a little fake looking.  However both of these items are so dazzling I would think they were real so thank you for making my Christmas!!  I shall peruse the catalogue to see what else I can have!!

BH - 22 December 2009

Hi I received my ring today for item T2116. It is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for the speedy delivery and the free jewellery box is smashing, thank you again this ring is stunning. Merry Christmas


Dear Sir/Madam, I placed an order with you on the 8th December 2009. I would like to let you know that the order was received by me this date 15th Dec. It would have been received yesterday, but we were not at home when the postman called.  As I live in Canary Islands, I must congratulate you on your prompt attention to the order, and dispatched by the most prompt method.  I am delighted with the 4 ct Trilogy ring. It looks superb. No doubt my wife will also be pleased when she receives it on Christmas Day.  Thank you once again and you can be sure, more orders will follow.  Best regards and Seasons Greetings to all your staff,
IC - 16 December 2009

Many thanks for the two rings recently purchased - the service was excellent and the jewellery was stunning.  One of the rings was a present for my daughter's 16th birthday and she is thrilled with it.  She's now busy looking through your catalogue!!  Once again, many thanks.
KG - 6 December 2009

Thank You very much. If your level of Customer Service reflects the quality of your goods then I am very much looking forward to receiving my Ring!!! Thank You very much for your prompt response.  Kindest Regards & Best Wishes for a Lovely Christmas

Thank you very much for replacing my Enchanting Duo ring set which arrived yesterday, Friday.   I am most grateful to you for your prompt and efficient service.  The replacement set is perfect in every way.  I was even more surprised when I received a letter from you this morning refunding the postage for returning the item to you.  Thank you Tru-Diamonds, an impressive service.  Sincerely,
EB - 21 November 2009

Once again I have to thank you - my recent order was received by me less than 24 hours after I telephoned you to place it.  Your service is second to none, such a change in the modern market place.  Not only that - your goods are as good as they are advertised.  Quality, packaging, (the jewellery boxes are exceptional) everything I could want.  Thank you.

MK - 30 September 2009

Received my order yesterday.  I am delighted with my purchases and commend you on the excellent speed of delivery.  Will definitley order from you again soon.  Thanks again.

My items were picked up at the post office this morning. Thank you very much.  I can now wear my beautiful  new jewellery while on holiday.


Hi, I thought you might like to know that twice, when on holiday in Turkey, I have been stopped in the street by jewellers fascinated by my Tru Diamonds rings.  And just two days ago an antiques 'cold caller' offered me £1000 on the spot for my 'My Desire' ring - hence my latest order!  Kindest regards
CM - 29 August 2009

Thank you very much for sending me the Standard Ring Sizer today.  I will definitely order more items.  I do love it! Yours sincerely.
CC - 20 August 2009

Dear Jamie, the rings arrived today, thanks for that. Very impressed with the quality of the rings, the boxes they came in and the jewellery box.  Happy customer and will you use again – was worth the wait!  Best Regards

AM - 20 August 2009

Oh I am impressed.  Not only did you refund my postage and packing expense for sending my ring back to you, you even managed to get the replacement to me the day after my birthday (even though you said it would probably be the week after).  Your triple guarantee is worth its weight in gold (or should that be Tru-diamonds).  The people on the end of the phone and email are polite and most helpful.  Thank you guys sooooo much.  Everyone comments on how beautiful my rings are and the rainbows the stones throw off in the sunlight are just gorgeous.  One very satisfied customer, happy to recommend you and will most definitely be doing business with  you again.  All the best to you all.
AC - 14 August 2009

Hi, I just recieved my order from you,item T2195 platinum clad Precious Heart Ring. This ring is gorgeous, it's everything I wanted and more. Thank you very much!                                                                                                            LS - 12 August 2009

Thank you for the delivery of the item I ordered on Monday.  It arrived safely on Tuesday as it is my wife's 50th birthday and you saved the day! Will definitely order from you again.
AW - 12 August 2009

Hi, I ordered a tiffany style ring from you and got it today, i am very glad i ordered from yourselves, basically i had trouble with another company who made 3 errors and was about to give up when i saw your advert in the newspaper. I ordered online and to say i was impressed is an understatement. The ring is absolutely beautiful and i cant believe the box it came in, thankyou so much, my girlfriend is over the moon with it, hope to do business again.  Many Thanks
TG - 1 August 2009

Thank you for your reply. I did as you advised and very promptly received the replacement item. A few days later I received a small refund – the difference between the cost of the items. I had assumed some of this would have been used for post and packing on the replacement item.  I am extremely happy with the high level of service provided and shall definitely be looking to place another order, as well as being very happy to recommend you to friends and family.

Please find enclosed ring which you supplied to me. However the person it was bought for does not like it. I am therefore compelled to return it and ask for a refund as promised in your advert and on the reverse side of the Certificate of Authenticity. May I take this opportunity to thank you for the courteous way in which you have supplied and speed of dispatch of my order.

May I take this opportunity to thank all at customer services for their help in sorting out my lost order so quickly. It speaks volumes for their expertise and professionalism; you are all a credit to your company. Thanks to you XMAS IS BACK ON, my partner will be thrilled. I have checked the items and am pleased to say they arrived in perfect condition. Should my original order turn up I will return them to you without delay. Once again many thank to you all.

I have just taken delivery of 2 rings (+ a free handbag). I am so pleased with the 2 rings; you really cannot see the difference from diamonds. They are really gorgeous. I recently sent back a piece of jewellery, there were no questions asked and a speedy cheque was sent back to my husband as well, well done.

What a service, NO company could accept and order, deliver the item, listening to groveling apology explaining how the wrong ring size has been ordered, sympathized, gave instructions how to return article, and then sent out the correct size ring all in three days, BUT YOU DID CONGTRATULATIONS and a big thank you a birthday not missed.

I recently received the ring I ordered and cannot tell you how much pleasure it has given me. Many people have admired it and I have either told them how to contact you or given them the brochures you have sent to me to encourage them to buy. I am a pensioner of 74 but dress well and like to wear my ring when I go out. I still hope to buy more jewellery form you one of these days. Thank you for creating such a perfect piece of art.

I refer to your letter enclosing your cheque for £6.50 to cover my postage expenses and ‘thank you’. It has been a pleasure dealing with you all, from taking my order to dealing with my queries.

Many thanks for the expeditious manner, in which you handled my recent returns; it was most kind of you to deal with this matter with such speed and efficiency.
As a token of our gratitude, it is my intention to send you flowers, for the help you have given us since we became your customers about a year ago.

My ‘starry nights’ ring has just been delivered and I am absolutely delighted with it. When I have saved up a few pennies I will be back for more. Many thanks

Thank you very much for your recent kindness and help, it is very much appreciated.

Just wanted to let you know I am absolutely delighted with my ring which arrived this morning. It is very pretty. Thanks for great service.

I would like to say a big ‘Thank You’ for my ring that arrived today. How lovely today to find a company that has shown such kindness and understanding. My ring is beautiful and I shall derive great pleasure when wearing it. Again my sincere Thanks

You may be interested to know that my ‘diamond’ trio ring has been greatly admired and two of my friends have borrowed my catalogue and are keen to own one of your rings… In fact Linda has already sent for one (just heard)

I write to thank you for your services recently. You may recall I ordered a ring which I subsequently felt was not right for me and I ordered it two sizes too big! However, you were extremely helpful and offered to exchange it for me and refund the difference and we decided that coming down two ring sizes might just be the ideal size in the end. Well my eternity ring arrived today, it fits perfectly and it is lovely so I got there in the end and only a day after my birthday.  I am pleased with it and would very much like to thank you for your prompt and helpful service. Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year and I look forward to using your company again in future.

Just to let you know we received the ring this morning, first what a lovely ring and second what a great service, thank you so much for all your help I am sure my son’s girlfriend will be so happy on Christmas day. You will be receiving many orders from the IOM because I will be recommending you to everyone, as you were recommended by a friend to me, and I can see why…

AH - 23 December 2008