The Pink Diamond Ring That Broke All Records

At Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels Auction in October 2019, a 10.64 carat Vivid Pink Diamond, set in a ring with pure white trapezoid-cut diamonds on either side, broke all records when it sold for $19,900,000.   Sotheby’s stated that this stone is immensely unique and rare in size, quality, and colour – here’s why:   Only […]


The Crown Jewels

  Coronation Ceremony A coronation is the act of placing a crown on the monarch’s head. Thus, the coronation ceremony is a celebration but is also a very religious ceremony full of history and ritual, with pledges and promises from the sovereign to their people that are made to last a lifetime. This ceremony has […]


Some of the Most Iconic Oscars Jewellery in History

The Oscars are undoubtedly one of the most glamourous events on Hollywood’s calendar and definitely the glitziest red carpet in town. It’s the event where stars have always shined their brightest and, while the academy ceremony is certainly important, the gowns and jewellery worn on the red carpet take a huge part in why we […]

Selcting the Perfect Valentine's Day JewelleryGift

Selecting the Perfect Valentine’s Day Jewellery Gift

Flowers, chocolates and jewellery are the most common gifts for Valentine’s day, but jewellery seems to be the favourite, probably because it’s personal, memorable and romantic. So if you’re wanting to spoil a loved one (or even yourself) with a special piece of jewellery, look no further than Tru-Diamonds™. Ruby Because Valentine’s Day is associated with […]

3 Major Benefits of Non-Mined Diamonds

3 Major Benefits of Non-Mined Diamonds

With a growing awareness of the devastating affects diamond mining has on the environment, as well as the blood diamond trade, a rapidly increasing number of couples are insisting on high quality alternatives to traditional mined diamond engagement rings.   Ethical is the new chic Although the Kimberly Process and conscious mining methods are widely […]

Glossary to engagement rings

A Glossary for Engagement Rings

Whether its intricate detail, sleek minimalism or simply as much shine as possible – we all have a fairly good idea of what features our ideal engagement ring should have. But do you know the current technical terms for all these beautiful elements? Here’s a handy glossary to share with your partner and sound like […]

Tru-Diamonds in support of Breast Cancer Care

Tru-Diamonds in support of Breast Cancer Care

Being the rarest most sought after of all diamond colours, pink diamonds represent unsurpassed rarity and value. This year, however, the Tru-DiamondsTM  Pink Ice Collection, set with genuine pink Tru-Diamonds™ gems, also stand for hope and support of an extremely worthy cause October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and Tru-DiamondsTM will give 10% from the […]

The History of Engagement Rings

The History of Engagement Rings

Long before Tiffany, Cartier and De Beers claimed their stakes in the engagement ring market, ancient Egyptians started the custom of gifting a special ring made of hemp, wood or hair to their life partner. The circular shape of a ring, they believed, depicted a love that would last for all eternity. The Egyptians also […]

Tru-Diamonds Engagement Rings

Introducing Eternally-Tru Engagement Rings

Every couple should have the engagement ring they really want, without the exorbitant expense of an overpriced mined diamond crippling their start in life – this is the fundamental reason why we created our range of Eternally-Tru Engagement Rings. All married couples cherish the moment they were officially promised to each other. Whether this was an […]


World’s Biggest Diamond Company To Sell Non-Mined Diamonds

In a remarkable about-face, De Beers, the world’s largest diamond mining company revealed that it will soon start selling non-mined, laboratory-created gems. Commenting on this development, Len Gullan, founder and chief executive of Tru-Diamonds™ said; “This is a surprising, but very welcome, U-turn by De Beers as it vowed, for many years, it would not […]