3 Major Benefits of Non-Mined Diamonds

3 Major Benefits of Non-Mined Diamonds

With a growing awareness of the devastating affects diamond mining has on the environment, as well as the blood diamond trade, a rapidly increasing number of couples are insisting on high quality alternatives to traditional mined diamond engagement rings.


Ethical is the new chic

Although the Kimberly Process and conscious mining methods are widely promoted among mined diamond retailers, a consumer has no real means of tracing a diamond to its origins. With a controversial history of corruption, as well as the inflated values set by the mining giant De Beers, this lack of transparency leaves a new generation of diamond shoppers uneasy.

Laboratory grown diamonds and diamond simulants, on the other hand, originate from controlled environments within a modern corporate structure.

Despite asserting that they would never sell anything but mined diamonds, the growing market in ethically produced, man-made diamond alternatives has even prompted De Beers to announce their own range of laboratory grown Lightbox Diamonds, indicating that the sharp turn away from traditional mined diamonds is here to stay.


It’s a better use of your money

Why should a young couple waste money they could have invested in their new home, wedding, or honeymoon on an overpriced mined diamond when Eternally-TruTM Engagement Rings, set with Tru-DiamondsTM are just as luxurious, beautiful and durable, and available at a fraction of the price?

Any social expectation of spending one, two or even three month’s salary on an engagement ring can be directly attributed to a highly publicised marketing campaign De Beers launched to keep their sales up during economically troubled times. In addition, their famous ‘A diamonds is forever’ slogan, which suggests that a diamond can never be lost or damaged, is far from the truth. Like any other gem, diamonds are brittle and can chip or crack as the result of impact.

Besides the initial expense of a mined diamond, a good quality specimen of 1-carat size costing between £8000 and £9000, couples must take into account the ongoing cost of insuring their ring in case the diamond should ever chip, crack or fall from its setting. Eternally-TruTM engagement rings are an anomaly in this regard as they come with a lifetime guarantee on the stones – a promise no dealer in mined diamonds would dare make.


There is no compromise

4 ct. Tiffany Style Solitaire Engagement Ring
4 ct. Tiffany Style Solitaire Engagement Ring

Today’s market leaves no lack of variety when it comes to engagement ring styles. What does however limit couples in their choice of ring is price. With the exorbitant cost of mined diamonds, young couples are inevitably forced to choose a stone of smaller size and lesser quality than what they really want.

The Eternally-TruTM collection offers a wide range of engagement ring styles set with genuine, flawless, pure white Tru-DiamondsTM that look just like the highest quality mined diamonds, set in luxurious and durable 9-carat gold. As the collection includes rings set with gems ranging from 0.5-carat size to a magnificent 4-carat Tiffany style solitaire, costing a mere £690, choosing your perfect Eternally-TruTM ring is a matter of taste, not cost. Best of all, no-one, not even a professional jeweller, will know the difference when you’re wearing it. Whether you let friends and family in on your secret is up to you.

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