The History of Engagement Rings

The History of Engagement Rings

Long before Tiffany, Cartier and De Beers claimed their stakes in the engagement ring market, ancient Egyptians started the custom of gifting a special ring made of hemp, wood or hair to their life partner. The circular shape of a ring, they believed, depicted a love that would last for all eternity. The Egyptians also […]

Tru-Diamonds Engagement Rings

Introducing Tru-Diamonds Engagement Rings

At Tru-DiamondsTM we believe every couple should have the engagement ring they really want, without the exorbitant expense of an overpriced mined diamond crippling their start in life. All married couples cherish the moment they were officially promised to each other. Whether this was an elaborate proposal in front of friends and family, or an […]


World’s Biggest Diamond Company To Sell Non-Mined Diamonds

In a remarkable about-face, De Beers, the world’s largest diamond mining company revealed that it will soon start selling non-mined, laboratory-created gems. Commenting on this development, Len Gullan, founder and chief executive of Tru-Diamonds™ said; “This is a surprising, but very welcome, U-turn by De Beers as it vowed, for many years, it would not […]

Summer Jewellery Care

Summer care for your Tru-Diamonds jewellery

While jewellery deserves special care and attention year-round, summer can be particularly tough on our sparkly accessories. Here are some good guidelines for summertime maintenance to ensure your Tru-Diamonds collection survives the warmer days. De-bling before you dive Your jewellery won’t enjoy splashing around in a swimming pool as much as you do. Chlorine, salt […]

Finger Size Matters

Finger size matters – Ordering the perfect size ring

When choosing a new ring, the size of your finger will inevitably need consideration. Here are some good guidelines in finger size management to ensure you receive a comfortable fit. Bear the right finger in mind When considering an engagement ring, be sure it fits on the fourth finger of the left hand – aptly […]


A Guide To Diamond Carat Sizes

We all dream of dripping in diamonds, and the bigger they are the better right? But do we know a carat when we see it? Many people don’t realize it, but “carat”, derived from the seed of the Carab tree which was used as a measuring standard, indicates the weight of a diamond and not its […]

18 carat and 950 platinum clad rings

The essential clarification of cladding

As any fervent fan of Tru-Diamonds jewellery will tell you, we are known for our excellent service and a range of high quality, yet affordable products. In a nutshell, we grant you access to a world of high end, designer jewellery that is as beautiful and timeless as expensive diamond jewellery, but without the exorbitant […]