World’s Biggest Diamond Company To Sell Non-Mined Diamonds

In a remarkable about-face, De Beers, the world’s largest diamond mining company revealed that it will soon start selling non-mined, laboratory-created gems.

Commenting on this development, Len Gullan, founder and chief executive of Tru-Diamonds™ said; “This is a surprising, but very welcome, U-turn by De Beers as it vowed, for many years, it would not sell gemstones created in a laboratory. We’re thrilled that the mining giant has now acknowledged the importance of non-mined gems to today’s consumers.”

Announcing the move, Bruce Cleaver, De Beers CEO said their research told them consumers regard lab-grown diamonds, as a fun, pretty product that shouldn’t cost that much.” Mr Gullan agreed with this but expressed surprise at De Beers pricing of $800 a carat. At this price he feels De Beers may be seen to be exploiting consumers in much the same way that the diamond mining industry has been accused of doing. He finds it hard to comprehend how a price of $800 per carat can be justified for a “fun, pretty product that shouldn’t cost that much” and points out that Tru-Diamonds™ cost less than $100 a carat and are sold directly to consumers thus cutting out the mark-ups of dealers, retailers and middlemen who have, traditionally, inflated the cost of mined diamonds.

“Perhaps,” he says “De Beers will endeavour to justify their pricing with claims that their gems have the identical chemical structure to mined diamonds, but this completely ignores the interests of consumers. Our research has shown that consumers want their gems to look like diamonds, sparkle like diamonds and be as durable but they are not at all concerned with the chemical make-up.”

“Why,” asks Mr Gullan, “would you pay an exorbitant price for a gemstone simply because of its chemical composition when you can show off an identical looking gem, with similar physical properties, at a fraction of the price.”

Tru-Diamonds™ has led the field in bringing consumers high grade simulated gems, in quality settings at easily affordable prices and, when you’re wearing them, Tru-Diamonds™ gems so closely resemble top-grade mined diamonds that even a jeweller won’t know. They are ice-white in colour, flawlessly clear and cut to perfect proportions. They’re also tough and durable enough to cut glass!

Most importantly, because they are manufactured in state-of-the-art laboratories, Tru-Diamonds™ are environmentally friendly and guaranteed conflict free. Diamond mining, on the other hand, requires over 250 tons of earth to be blasted and excavated to find just one carat of fine gem diamond. This causes massive damage to the environment and has been associated with child labour exploitation and the financing of conflict and illegal activities.

In today’s world, the movement towards ethically created, non-mined gems is rapidly gathering momentum, says Mr Gullan. He is proud that Tru-Diamonds™ is at the forefront of this movement and that a company with the status and influence of De Beers has finally recognized that it is an idea whose time has come.