Hamlet Revival and 16th Century Inspired Jewellery


The Tru-Diamonds™ team is particularly excited to see the costumes and setting for the latest Hamlet revival at London’s Barbican Centre. Fans of William Shakespeare and Benedict Cumberbatch have been chomping at the bit to get tickets to the tragedy about the tortured prince of Denmark, which has already secured itself as a record breaker well before the start of its run on the 5th of August 2015

The online queue for tickets is said to have been over 30 000 people and the first ticket release sold out within a matter of hours. This may be normal for Glastonbury Festival or a Lady Gaga concert, but it is almost unheard of in theatre terms. Particularly for Shakespeare’s longest tragedy that has already been helmed by a stream of dashing leading men in recent years, such as David Tennant, Daniel Day Lewis, Jude Law and Christopher Eccleston. Cumberbatch’s star appeal has certainly helped with the surge of popularity for this particular re-appraisal of the 400 year old play. With palpable excitement and high expectations, the show is already set to be a huge success.

The period that the jewellery and costumes will be set in has not yet been revealed making Tru Diamonds™ speculation all that we have to go on at this time! If the production opts for a classic Elizabethan theme, then we may get to see some fine, embroidered apparel, as well as classic jewellery styles of the era.

Elizabethans opted for oval, square or pyramid cut gems and the most popular gems of the age were diamond, emerald, opal, pearl, ruby sapphire and topaz. Necklaces tended to be gold chains or strings of pearls, and chokers were particularly popular. Preferred rings included solitaire and cluster rings, as well as signet rings bearing personal monograms or family insignia. At the beginning of the Elizabethan era, earrings were not worn due to the prevalence of wearing fine headwear that covered women’s hair and ears. As fashion changed, solitaire and pendant earrings with pearls or teardrop-shaped jewels were preferred. The Elizabethans certainly knew a thing or two about timeless fashion because all of these jewellery styles are still popular today and Tru-Diamonds™ has many modern reproductions available at affordable prices.

Oh “that it should come to this” – no ticket?

Despair not if you are one of those not lucky enough to get tickets, there are still a few ways that you might get to see the show after all. For those who live outside of London (or for Londoners who want to make a night of it), consider booking a hotel and theatre package. The Barbican will also be releasing 30 tickets every day during the show’s theatre run for just £10 each. The trick is that they will only be available on the door at the Centre which opens at 09h00, so get there early or you will miss out! Alternatively, you may prefer to see the live broadcast on Thursday the 15th of October 2015 at participating cinemas, as part of the National Theatre Live project.

Hamlet previews start on the 5th of August, and the official opening night will be on the 25th of August. The show will run until the 31st of October 2015.