The History of Engagement Rings

The History of Engagement Rings

Long before Tiffany, Cartier and De Beers claimed their stakes in the engagement ring market, ancient Egyptians started the custom of gifting a special ring made of hemp, wood or hair to their life partner. The circular shape of a ring, they believed, depicted a love that would last for all eternity. The Egyptians also put great stock in the power of the ‘Vena Amoris’ or ‘vein of love’, an artery they believed ran straight from the fourth finger of the left hand to a person’s heart and incited the custom of wearing your loved one’s ring on this finger.

Although this sentiment has survived over thousands of years, the rings have thankfully come a long way.


The first recorded diamond engagement ring


Archduke Maximillian of Austria commissioned the very first gold and diamond engagement ring on record in 1477. He presented this ring to Mary of Burgundy along with a letter requesting her hand in marriage. The European aristocracy were so taken by his gesture that diamond engagement rings became an instant trend. Although Maximillian’s ring featured an arrangement of diamonds spelling out the letter ‘M’, a single diamond set in a solitaire gold band soon became the favourite and still remains as the poster-child of stylish engagement rings.


1 ct. Tiffany Style Solitaire Engagement Ring


Once diamonds were discovered in South Africa and aggressively marketing by De Beers in the United States, it became almost unthinkable to have anything but a diamond ring in hand when proposing. Marketing myths such as the “Diamonds are forever” slogan made famous by the mining giant, as well as the social pressure of spending at least two month’s salary on the ring, were created to boost their diamond sales during the Great Depression, but unfortunately led young men to believe the diamond had to be as expensive as possible if they expected a positive answer.

Today, while young couples want to participate in the custom of having a beautiful engagement ring to signify their commitment, the escalating costs of diamonds, socio political concerns such as the blood diamond trade, and the environmental impact of diamond mining leave a bitter taste in their mouths.

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