Introducing Eternally-Tru Engagement Rings

Tru-Diamonds Engagement Rings

Every couple should have the engagement ring they really want, without the exorbitant expense of an overpriced mined diamond crippling their start in life – this is the fundamental reason why we created our range of Eternally-Tru Engagement Rings.

All married couples cherish the moment they were officially promised to each other. Whether this was an elaborate proposal in front of friends and family, or an intimate moment by candlelight, the question “will you marry me?” and subsequent answer stay forever as part of their story. No wonder the tangible evidence of this promise – their engagement ring – carries such a powerful emotional connection and why, centuries after the custom came into vogue, we are still marking the promise of marriage with a beautiful ring.

Although the way engagement rings are advertised, chosen and purchased has changed a lot over the years, the basic concept of a diamond set in gold has remained steadfast. A large factor in the longevity of this standard being the effective marketing myth predominantly created by the mining giant De Beers through their slogan “Diamonds Are Forever”. This well-known tagline implies both that diamonds are indestructible and that a love sealed with diamonds must be everlasting when, in reality, neither of these statements are true! Although mined diamonds are the hardest substance known to man, they are inherently brittle and, it is not unknown for a diamond to chip or crack over time. Far from being the foundation for everlasting love, the financial strain caused by the high cost of a mined diamond ring can have a negative impact on your loving relationship right from the outset with the unwarranted social pressure of spending hard earned savings on a ring at a time when couples are carving a career path or looking to buy a house.

In addition, the massive environmental damage and “blood diamond” connotations that go with mined diamonds are abhorrent to the modern generation who are increasingly turning to laboratory created gems as a more ethical alternative. Indeed, even De Beers have announced that they will soon be selling laboratory created gems after years of asserting very strongly that they would never offer anything except mined diamonds.

Your Eternally-TruTM engagement ring from Tru-DiamondsTM

Due to the miracle of modern science, Tru-DiamondsTM simulate the appearance, lustre and even durability of high quality diamonds so closely even a professional jeweller won’t know when you’re wearing them. And they are environmentally friendly and conflict-free, so you’ll feel good, not guilty, when you wear them.

Most importantly, our brand new range of Eternally-TruTM Engagement Rings, created in stylish 9-carat gold, offers much more ring for so much less money as Tru-Diamonds™ gems cost a small fraction of their mined diamond counterparts.

For example, an engagement ring set with a top grade 1-carat mined diamond costs £8,000 – £9,000, whereas an Eternally-TruTM engagement ring with a 1-carat gem of similar grade will cost you only £470 – £500. What’s more, the Eternally-Tru™ ring has a lifetime guarantee (mined diamonds don’t give this) and is so authentic even a professional jeweller won’t know when you’re wearing it.

Eternally-TruTM Engagement Rings are available in a large variety styles to cater for every taste. Browse our range to find your ideal ring and we’ll craft it for you within 21 to 28 days, in either 9-carat yellow or white gold.