Summer Jewellery Care

Summer care for your Tru-Diamonds jewellery

While jewellery deserves special care and attention year-round, summer can be particularly tough on our sparkly accessories. Here are some good guidelines for summertime maintenance to ensure your Tru-Diamonds collection survives the warmer days. De-bling before you dive Your jewellery won’t enjoy splashing around in a swimming pool as much as you do. Chlorine, salt […]

Finger Size Matters

Finger size matters – Ordering the perfect size ring

When choosing a new ring, the size of your finger will inevitably need consideration. Here are some good guidelines in finger size management to ensure you receive a comfortable fit. Bear the right finger in mind When considering an engagement ring, be sure it fits on the fourth finger of the left hand – aptly […]


A Guide To Diamond Carat Sizes

We all dream of dripping in diamonds, and the bigger they are the better right? But do we know a carat when we see it? Many people don’t realize it, but “carat”, derived from the seed of the Carab tree which was used as a measuring standard, indicates the weight of a diamond and not its […]

18 carat and 950 platinum clad rings

The essential clarification of cladding

As any fervent fan of Tru-Diamonds jewellery will tell you, we are known for our excellent service and a range of high quality, yet affordable products. In a nutshell, we grant you access to a world of high end, designer jewellery that is as beautiful and timeless as expensive diamond jewellery, but without the exorbitant […]

Buying matching jewellery sets

Come Together: The Perks of Buying Matching Jewellery Sets

Wearing matching jewellery has been historically associated with high society. The crème de la crème sought out parures (a French word meaning ‘a jewellery set … intended to be worn together’ that comes from the verb parer meaning – ‘to adorn’) as status symbols and the necessary accoutrements for courtly appearances. Their popularity may have […]

A night at the ballet, the nutcracker

A Night At The Ballet: The Nutcracker

The Daily Telegraph heralded it as – Dazzling, The Guardian as – Christmas Card Perfect; Tru-Diamonds™ simply says, not to be missed.   The English National Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker opens on 16 December 2015 at the London Coliseum. This Edwardian Christmas tale about a young girl named Clara and her Nutcracker doll has enchanted […]

Winter Fashion jewellery items

Winter Fashion at Tru Diamonds

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” ― John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley: In Search of America   As the weather turns and memories of summer dresses and flip-flops begin to fade, we find ourselves reaching into top cupboards for our winter fashion classics with a […]

My Tru-Diamonds Moment and committed customers showing their love for Tru Diamonds jewellery

My Tru Diamonds Moment

You make us shine!   We’ve been feeling the love recently and thought we should share what our committed customers and faithful fans have been saying behind the scenes. We love to hear your thoughts of our jewellery and how we feature in your memorable moments. We put all of our effort into ensuring our […]

accessories are the punctuation marks that define the tone of a look

Matching Earrings With Hairstyles

If accessories are the punctuation marks that define the tone of a look, then earrings for women are the exclamation marks. They truly are the finishing touch that can make or break an outfit, so they need to be chosen carefully. Your earrings should not only match your outfit and face shape, they should also […]

Save your Jewellery

Tips to Save Your Jewellery from Tarnishing or Fading

Jewellery, whether it is the real thing, simulated or costume jewellery, can be ruined if not cared for correctly. Jewels may fade and metals may tarnish over time, but there are some tips you can follow to prevent this from happening. At Tru Diamonds™ we firmly believe that prevention as they say, is far easier […]