The Pink Diamond Ring That Broke All Records


At Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels Auction in October 2019, a 10.64 carat Vivid Pink Diamond, set in a ring with pure white trapezoid-cut diamonds on either side, broke all records when it sold for $19,900,000.


Sotheby’s stated that this stone is immensely unique and rare in size, quality, and colour – here’s why:


Only 1% of all pink diamonds graded by the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) are larger than 10 carats. In addition, only about 4% of all pink diamonds are considered “fancy vivid” – a measure of the strength of their colour. Fancy Vivid is actually the highest rating on the GIA fancy coloured diamond scale, hence the value of this majestic ring!


If you’re not one for statistics, here’s another interesting fact: Unlike blue and yellow diamonds, which get their colour from their chemical composition, it’s believed that pink and red diamonds get their colour from a distortion in their molecular structure that occurs in the Earth’s crust during the formation of the diamond itself.


But that’s not all – the cut of the stone is also extremely unique. It’s been described as a radiant cut, that includes the shape of an emerald cut combined with the sparkle of a round brilliant cut diamond!


It is for all of these reasons that this diamond is held in such high regard and could fetch such a price at the Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels Auction.


In fact, experts agree that pink diamonds in general are among the most valuable coloured diamonds in the world and can cost up to 20 times as much as their white diamond counterparts.


Now, an accurate replica ring is being released featuring genuine, environmentally friendly, sustainable Tru-Diamonds™ gems. Known as the Pink Millions Ring, the pink centre stone may be visually superior to the original because the lab-grown process results in gemstones that do not have the internal flaws or cloudiness that’s present in, even high grade, mined diamonds.


In settings with 5 microns of 18ct. Gold or Platinum clad over a sterling silver core the replica rings are priced at £299. They are also available in solid Yellow or White Gold at £1,300.