Summer care for your Tru-Diamonds jewellery

Summer Jewellery Care

While jewellery deserves special care and attention year-round, summer can be particularly tough on our sparkly accessories. Here are some good guidelines for summertime maintenance to ensure your Tru-Diamonds collection survives the warmer days.

De-bling before you dive

Your jewellery won’t enjoy splashing around in a swimming pool as much as you do. Chlorine, salt and other chemicals in the water corrode metal and can leave clad finishes lacking lustre. Best to take all jewellery off before having a dip and make sure you’re properly dry before putting it back on, for the sake of preserving that lovely shine.

Be chemical conscious

Sunscreens, tanning lotions, spritzes and other beauty products contain chemicals that can stain and damage your jewellery. Make-up and nail polish removers especially wreak havoc on rings, pendants and earrings before you know it. It is advisable to keep your jewellery as far away from your vanity table as possible. While you’re at it, avoid leaving jewellery in the bathroom altogether. Steam provides an environment where tarnish can set in quite rapidly.

In fact, did you know the best place for your jewellery box is by the front door? The golden rule for avoiding sparkle stealing cosmetics is to put your jewellery on as a last touch before leaving the house, and to take it off as soon as you get home. Therefore, leaving your favourite pieces within grabbing range as you dash off to the next fabulous event makes perfect sense.

Stay cool

There’s no way around getting warm in summer, but bear in mind your sweat is ever so slightly acidic and prolonged contact can damage the lovely clad finish surface of your Tru-Diamonds jewellery. In mildly sweaty circumstances, like a long walk or a sunny picnic, choose jewellery that has minimum contact with your skin. Lovely dangling earrings and a necklace that hangs lower than your collar work perfectly.

Exercise can get properly sweaty so rather leave your jewellery at home when working on that beach bod.

Travel safely

When packing for a summer vacation, bear in mind we often do the most damage to our jewellery when we’re not wearing it. Jewellery pieces travelling in the same pouch or box scratch one another along the way, leaving stones and cladding a little duller with every trip.

We understand packing each piece in a separate box can get bulky, but wrapping your jewellery in individual soft cloths, tissue paper or a jewellery scroll is both compact and safe for your bling.

When arriving at your summer destination, think carefully about what activities your jewellery will enjoy as much as you. A divine night of dancing? Definity! A long day at the beach? Not as much. Not only does sea water corrode cladding, frolicking in rough beach sand is like taking a steel brush to your treasured sparkles.

Heed these simple guidelines for summer jewellery care and you’ll be enjoying your Tru-Diamonds collection for many seasons to come.  ­